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The Institute

Originally envisioned by Dr. Tatiana Heid Furley, in 2009, Instituto APLYSIA is a non-profit organization, maintained by domestic and international partnerships that include universities, governments, civil society, and companies. The Institute is dedicated to environmental protection, preservation, and conservation, promoting sustainable development.

Corporate Identity


To be recognized as a Brazilian reference institution due to its innovative research activities concerning biotests for environmental control of liquid, solid, and gaseous waste.

To be a Brazilian reference entity in innovative research for evaluating the environmental quality of ecosystems.

To be recognized as an environmental research institute focused on its goals and due to its high technical quality.


To promote and perform detailed and innovative research, thus contributing for environmental control and nature conservation activities, in partnership with public entities, the private sector, and the organized civil society.




In Brazil, APLYSIA is a pioneer company in research and biomonitoring, specialized in providing environmental impact assessment and control services. It also promotes the development and implementation of projects based on state-of-the-art techniques and methodologies accepted all over the world. Since Instituto APLYSIA inception, it has been its main sponsor.