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16 jun 2016

LECTURE on Cryopreservation of Sea Urchin Eggs and Blastulas

Sea urchins are widely used in embryo-larval tests for ecotoxicological studies. However, they must be collected from the environment, causing impacts and limiting laboratory performance. Cryopreservation is a method used for storing biological material for long periods at low temperature, with the aid of cryoprotective agents for preserving cellular integrity. This method application ensures the storage of these structures, making them available regardless of the period of the year and location.

In 2015, APLYSIA started a study aimed to technological innovation by developing a cryopreservation methodology for sea urchin (Echinometra lucunter) eggs and blastulas.

Next week, on June 20, APLYSIA, in partnership with IFES, will hold a lecture with the international researcher Dr. Estefania Paredes to discuss the functionality of this innovation. You are invited!